"SOTO" Company Inc. is one of the best- known suppliers for meeting the needs of casting and iron industries on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro and beyond its boundaries.
Our supply programme covers the following products:

Steel abrasives
-steel grits
-steel shots
-stainless steel
-glass grit
-provided technical support

Prealloys and alloys:
-inoculants for Grey and ductile iron on Sr, Mn, Zr, Ba,... basis;
-modularizing agents, adaptable for different production ductile iron procedures...
-deslagging agents (means of production for deslagging purposes),...
-high purity grain metals and their compounds for micro alloying purposes of liquid melts (Cr, Mn, V, Mo, etc).
- Fe-Si, Fe-Mn, Fe-Cr, Fe-Mo, FeP,Si-metal, Si-Ca, etc.

White and Grey (hematite) Pig Iron, domestic or imported origin:
- White basic Pig Iron,
- Hematite Grey Pig Iron,
- Special low manganese Pig Iron for ductile Iron production.
Processed carbon products for liquide metal recarburising (recarburizers):
- calcinated special petroleum coke, crystal electro-graphite, SiC, graphite electrodes,...

Refining and degassing fluxes.  
Glue (adhesive materials) and resins.
Motor and lubricating oil:
machine, motor oil and other purposes, wide consumer goods...
The remaining foundry products: foundry coke, bentonite, coal dust,...