SOTO” Company is one of the biggest suppliers of products and experts in rendering services intended for casting industries. Our scope of activities comprises the area of Serbia and Montenegro and its closer and wider surroundings. “SOTO” Company is also present on the Asian continent and some parts of Africa.
“SOTO” Company efficiently and continuously supplies foundries (of all technical profiles) with all materials necessary for every day operating of casting capacities. Our particular advantage is reflected in consignment stock of these materials located on the territory of Belgrade, which enables regular and due delivery of all necessary materials to manufacturers all over Serbia and Montenegro and closer and wider surroundings.

“SOTO” Company also provides quality engineering and consulting services in regard to all casting resources in the organisation phase and in continuous usage of the same.
This enables individual technological interventions on casts, guarantees to the applied materials as well as interventions in connection with technology transfer, thus providing reliable “know- how” support.

Business credo of the “SOTO” Company is based on the long-term partnerships with buyers and manufacturers of the above mentioned products.

The Company has undertaken preparations to become a bearer of the ISO Certificate for its licensed products and procedures. This shall represent a strict guarantee for our product range as well as required technology transfer along with the optional know-how support.

Being located in Belgrade, center of waterways of the Danube and Sava rivers in the heart of Europe and crossroads of railway and road traffic, “SOTO” Company enables optimal logistic supply chain for both European and non-continental customers.

More than ten employees are at disposal to our clients whenever necessary.
Our dedicated team is always willing to meet various requests in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.


“SOTO” Company Inc. represents a reliable partner to the foundries and industries of Serbia and Montenegro relying on this type activity during the last ten years.
Its establishment and development is characterized by enthusiastic transformation from the trade company to the contemporary service engineering essential in modern quality production.

Our development includes very well organized consignment always ready to assist should a deficiency of basic raw materials occur in domain of casting and similar industries.


We present ourselves as partners to our clients and cooperate with both small and big companies, casting or iron industries. We have established internationally recognized reputation though our highly professional attitude and delivery of high quality products. Our objective is to preserve acquired reputation in future by making constant efforts to reward and advance it even more.


Our company is organized in such a way so not to waste neither human resources nor potentials, so we have limited the number of directly employed personnel while widely using services of external experts thus creating a team of experts to be envied by many!
Using specific privileges we have with certain scientific institutes in Belgrade we try to find answers to relevant problems and solve them successfully.

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